Tax Returns

As Ireland has one of the more complex tax codes in the World, even preparing a seemingly simple tax return can become quite complicated.

There are very many reasons why a tax return may be required – such as if you are

  • a sole trader or partner in business
  • a company director
  • a landlord
  • you have savings and/or investments
  • you have overseas income
  • you have sold or gifted assets

While the Revenue Commissioners do provide online access to help you prepare your tax returns, Revenue Staff cannot provide you with advice or assistance to help complete your returns nor on how to minimise your tax liability. In order to ensure that you pay the correct amount of tax you should consult a professional.

At TaxPlusAccountants we not only prepare your tax returns but we investigate whether any tax savings can be made, and whether there any anomalies within the form that need to be addressed before the tax form is filed. This not only ensures that correct taxes will be paid but also minimises the risk of revenue inquiries if these anomalies are identified during the review process in the tax office.

We at TaxPlusAccountants make all client filings on line which has the advantages that there is an instant and permanent record of the filing (nothing gets lost in-transit) and can also have an extended filing deadline in case of last minute queries.

Tax rates in Ireland can be quite high and people often experience cash flow difficulties when it comes time to actually pay their taxes. We at TaxPlusAccountants have successfully negotiated payment plans with Revenue on behalf of a number of clients and this has been instrumental in allowing them to deal with cash-flow and to successfully continue in business.