VAT Returns

The concept of Value Added Tax is quite simple but it’s operation in practice can become quite complex. Add to the possibilities of errors in your returns and an increasing incidence of fines/interest being imposed by the Revenue Commissioners for late filing and late payment you can easily find that you waste much of your hard earned cash.

At TaxPlusAccountants we will take care of your Vat affairs thereby giving you peace of mind and at the same time avoid the possibility of onerous interest and charges. At TaxPlusAccountants we can help you to decide whether you should be registered, at start-up, for Vat purposes or not. We will also monitor the Vat position as your business develops and advise if and when you should become registered and take care of all the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

You may be eligible for one of a number of vat schemes and we will ensure that you are registered for whichever best suits your business model. If you have already registered for Vat purposes we can advise whether you are able and/or might benefit from de-registering.