Accounting & Finance is in my DNA

I’m John Byrne and I’m passionate about helping small business owners to maximise their accounts. After 32 years of working with a major multi-national company, gaining wide range of knowledge and practical experience in budgeting, management accounts, payroll, auditing and management, I decided to start TaxPlus Accountants in 2015.

I really enjoy working with people like you because I think knowing your accounts means you can have better control over your finances which leads to running a more successful business.

Together, with my team, we want you to be a success.

Over the last number of years since the company was set up, we have helped hundreds of SMEs and Startups to organise their finances and grow stronger businesses.

Let us help you maximise your accounts and grow your business.

We work with clients on their book-keeping, payroll, taxation and management accounts, you can select an individual service or have us look after your entire accounting.

“I’ve used John and Tax Plus Accountants Drogheda since 2012 and as a small sole-trader business I’ve found him and his team to be excellent. Their attention to detail and knowledge is first-class and they really ‘get’ the complexities and growing pains of small businesses.

John has always been very quick to reply and respond to my queries and has never failed to help me with any matter causing concern or when I needed some advice. Overall the value I’ve enjoyed has been fantastic. It’s no surprise that John’s business is growing from strength to strength.”

Paul Clarke / Match-Fit

“Over the years our business, Impulse Agencies, has enjoyed a great working relationship with John and all the team at Tax Plus Accountants.

We feel comfortable in the knowledge that we can receive a quick and accurate answer to the smallest of queries that may arise to knowing that we can expect our Year End Accounts and Periodic Management Accounts to arrive on time – every time!

It has been a huge asset to have such valuable and professional guidance available here locally in Drogheda, and we wish John and all at Tax Plus Accounting every continued success.”

Tony / Impulse Agencies

Your accounts.. know the difference

While we talk about year end and management accounts, there is a difference between management and statutory accounts. Management accounts help you manage your accounts so you know, at any given time, how your business is progressing, what your cash flow situation is and how best to move your business forward. Management accounts are not an obligation, they simply help you run a better business.

Statutory accounts on the other hand, are an obligation. Accounts must be filed with the CRO. Typically they follow a standard format and would include a profit and loss report and a balance sheet.

The profit and loss contains a list of all trading expenses, such as stock, and other expenses such as light, head, training, travel, etc. The balance sheet lists all the company’s debtors, creditors, cash in the bank and all other assets and liabilities.

What we can do for you

We can prepare your year end accounts based on the information that you provide us – expenses, payslips, invoices, bank statements and other relevant information.

Once we have the information compiled, we can sit down with you and review your accounts at the end of the year so we can see how your business has progressed. Once you’re happy with the accounts, we will submit them on your behalf to the relevant statutory bodies, making life a little easier for you.

Our goal is help you to maximise your profits and support you to grow your business, all year long.

The main benefit of using Taxplus Accountants for your year end statutory accounts is that you will be compliant with Revenue and the CRO. You won’t encounter any charges or liabilities.

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Are you one of the following?

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We help clients who operate in many sectors. Here is a small list:

  • Hairdressers & Barbers

  • Carpenters

  • Electricians

  • Plumbers

  • Construction

  • Health/Wellness

  • Landlords

  • If your industry isn’t listed, contact us today. Our website just gives an insight into some of the trades and services that we work with.
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