Important Covid-19 Update for Employers

As Lockdown Level 5 kicks in at midnight on Wednesday 21st of October, as an employer, here are a few things that you should know. 

  1. EWSS

Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme

The EWSS is also being amended to align with the amendment to PUP. This means here will be 5 payment rates/bands as follows:

  • 0 – €151 = €0
  • >€151 < €203 = €203
  • >€203 < €300 = €250
  • >€300 < €400 = €300
  • >€400< €1,462 = €350

The main aim of this scheme is to ensure where possible employees retain their link with their employer rather than become unemployed. This revised scheme will run to end January 2021.

See link as follows for more information:

  1. PUP

Pandemic Unemployment Payment

The move to Level 5 will have a significant impact on businesses and many people will temporarily lose their jobs on Thursday.

Due to the fact that businesses have to close, the government are making amendments to the PUP and the EWSS.

The new payment structure for the PUP is as follows, with the rate of €350 restored to those who were earning in excess of €400 per week:

Average weekly earnings Personal rate
€400 or over €350
€300 – €399.99 €300
€200 – €299.99 €250
Less than €200 €203

This change to payment rates will apply for payments issued from Tuesday 27 October (PUP is paid weekly on a Tuesday) in respect of all existing and new applicants.

See link as follows for more information: